about the artist

Julia is an abstract landscape painter living by the Thames in Hammersmith, West London,

which is a location that inspires a lot of her  work. Her use of  vivid colours, combined  with 

the influence of  music, produce vibrant and dynamic paintings.  Julia graduated in Fine Art

at  Brighton University and  has successfully  exhibited  in 
the  UK,  Europe  and  America. 

Julia  regularly exhibits at  the Affordable  Art  Fair  in Battersea, London  with  Art Star  and

many of her paintings are in private collections.

Artist Statement

“I am moved by the light and colours on the river and am trying to capture the feelings one can experience from being by the Thames and watching the sunset on the water.

I am inspired by the  British landscape and  its coastline and I love being able to work by the river in London. My paintings are concerned with the reflective  aspects of natural beauty as realised in water, landscape, light and pure colour. 

I paint from memory rather than life and each painting is an emotional response to a sensory experience and an attempt to recapture how it felt to be in a particular place at a certain time.

I always listen to music when painting and feel that this has a strong influence on the finished work. Many of my paintings are named from song titles and lyrics."